1. Container Schema List
  2. Container Schema Management
  3. Custom Object List
  4. Custom Object Management
  5. Limitations

Container Schema List

A grid displaying the container schemas within the commercetools project.

Schemas List

  • Pagination
    • Default page size of 15
    • Enabled when the number of schemas exceeds the page size
  • Sorting
    • Sortable values are schema key, last modified date, and created date
    • Initial sort is key in ascending order (alphabetical)

Container Schema Management

By default, Custom Objects have no defined schema with their value consisting of a JSON string. This application introduces a schema definition where the user defines the fields and requirements for building a new custom object. Each namespace has its own schema definition.

Container Schema

  • Create and edit container schemas
  • Allows for primitive data as well as sets/arrays
  • Attribute types
    • Text
    • Localized Text
    • Number
    • Boolean
    • Money
    • Date
    • Time
    • Date and time
    • List (enum)
    • Localized List (enum)
    • Reference by ID or key
    • Object
  • Choose which attributes(s) are displayed in the Value column of the Custom Object List by selecting “Display in List”
  • Schemas can be modified to add or delete attributes

Custom Object List

The landing page for the Custom Objects custom application is a list displaying the managed Custom Objects within the commercetools project and ignores API managed namespaces.

Custom Objects List

  • Pagination
    • Default page size of 20,
    • Displayed when the number of Custom Objects exceeds the page size
  • Sorting
    • Sortable columns are Container, Key, and Last Modified
    • Initial sort is Last Modified in descending order (most recently modified first)
  • Filter by Custom Object container and key (exact match)
  • Attributes displayed in the Value column are managed by the Custom Object’s schema. If no attributes have been flagged for display, the entire Custom Object value is displayed.

Custom Object Management

Custom Object

  • Create and edit Custom Objects with managed schemas
  • Field level validation for types and required fields
  • Localized fields default to locales defined in the project settings


This application only displays Custom Objects created with a schema managed by this application. Custom Objects created through the API without a schema are not displayed.